Angoel (angoel) wrote,

The word 'chav' is a strange one, or at least, it seem so to me. A fashionable insult at the current point of time, amongst a number of people I know. But unlike most insults - 'nigger', 'gay', 'bitch', 'shrew' which instantly conjure up references in my mind, adjectives that the insulter is attempting to tar the insultee with, 'chav' is strangely ineffectual. I don't know what I'm supposed to be thinking when someone talks about a 'chav'.

All my mind comes up with is a vague concept of .. someone elseness. A person who has not been brought up like us proper people. Someone who is flamboyant, but not in the way that us real people are allowed to be flamboyant. A group of people who us snobs can look down upon. Although not look down on very obviously, because only 'chavs' do that.

What should I be thinking when someone tells me someone is a chav?
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