Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Good things

Partaking in a one-off Sushi lessons in which a considerably smaller number turned up than usual, meaning that instead of one of twenty-four, I was one of four. I'm not sure that I leaned more than I would have if I'd spent an equivalent time reading up about it on the internet, but such research would not have involved a personable instructor, the opportunity to practice, or being fed vast quantities of sushi.

A pleasant house-warming catching up with the people which whom I did my degree. Excellently catered (as always with this particular host) and intelligent and convivial discussions. I should work out a way to do this sort of thing more often.

Going to see Wall-E on the way home. Touching, affectionate, very nicely conceived, plotted and done. Indeed, it almost lives up to the hype that I've seen about it ;). I have one minor criticism, namely that the overall setting felt a little too contrived, the situation a little too carefully set up to get the plot that had been put together, the actions of the non-main characters a little too simplistic - doing what they had to to advance the plot rather than because that being what their characted demanded they would do. Still, a layer of depth away from perfection. Highly recommended.

Bad things

Few people at the house warming had anything particularly good to say about the last year. A bit of an annus horriblus all round, really. Nice to know I'm not the only one, if you're trying to put a positive spin on things, but I'd really prefer knowing that things were going well with their lives. *sigh*.

I still have failed to do any of the things I was planning to do this weekend; my flat is still a tip, the list of jobs gnawing at my conciousness still sizable, my sleep cycle is still buggered. And it's 8:30pm, I've got work tomorrow, and I have no energy.


Net positive weekend, I think. Although I have a nasty feeling I won't feel that once I've tried to catch up with what I should have had done before I even left.
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