Angoel (angoel) wrote,

The rain gods have been kind this weekend, and despite forecasts of showers, refrained from dampening three of the four performances. The third, indeed, was very cleverly done, with rain stopping and sun coming out for the hour or so of the performance. The fourth, on the other hand, was very wet. There were rumbles of thunder and the rain beat down upon tent, actor and audience alike. Nonetheless, the audience was pretty full[1], and remarkably few people left. And the rain cleared up just in time for the lack-of-curtain call. All in all, successful, then.

I am now exhausted. But pleased; acting is fun. Only two more performances now. I think I'll be disappointed when they're gone.

[1] Including, apparently, the Duchess of Wessex and Princess somebody-or-other. I'll take people's word for it.
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