Angoel (angoel) wrote,

A day of gastronomic extravagance has taken place. Well, not *true* extravagance - there has been no going to restaurants, and I suspect it would be trivial to find a restaurant which wouldn't deign to serve a prawn vol-au-vent for the money I've paid (£35). However, I've got this fortnight's veg-box, a casserole dish, another baking dish and a split serving dish. Which I will now cunningly combine into an orgy of edibleness.

I still can't get over how cheap things are. When I think of the effort it would take me to construct one of these dishes, finding the right sort of clay, adding the correct other earths, constructing it into a suitable shape, blasting it in a kiln, glazing it, polishing it and carefully placing it into a graphicised box. And yet this item comes to me for a chunk under ten quid. It's unbelievable really.
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