Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Cabbage update! (as if anyone cares)

My two tonnes of cabbage are currently being boiled with an onion, a bit of beef stock and some beetroot to make borscht. Or at least, as close to borscht as I'm likely to get based on glancing at the recipe and concluding 'that's cabbage and beetroot soup, isn't it - I'll give it a bash' rather than attempting to follow it.

It'll be served with beef stew and some german bread that I happened to buy yesterday. Now if I'd made enough for one rather than three, I'd really be sorted.

ETA: Not convinced by it. The stew is rather tough - probably using insufficiently good meat. The soup is ... weird tasting. Probably too much cabbage. I shall cunningly mix them together for the next meal's worth I get out of them and see what happens.
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