Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Bah. I misidentified the nasty aniseedy tasting thing that got delivered in last months vegi-box as Celeriac, and therefore blocked that rather than what it actually is, namely fennel. I now have a godforsaken fennel plant that I do not wish to eat[1] sitting, glowering at me, as if it was a monster in a vegetable inspired game, ready to attack me with it's horns and entangle me within it's greeny fronds.

Any suggestions for how best to get rid of it in a less wasteful fashion than relishfully throwing it in the bin?

[1] Rather, do not wish to cook. I'm sure that if someone placed a dish made of fennel in front of me I'd be happy to consume it (although I don't think aniseed will ever be a favourite vegetable), but the effort of working out something to do with the lump is quite dispiriting.
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