Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Of course, now I'm back home and having to look after things, the cares of the world are kicking back in. I'm having to worry about doing the washing and the washing up. I'm trying to tidy up my flat. I'm attempting to plan things. And the relaxed part of my mind is noticing my not being very good at any of these :(

I think that this is a general issue with how I've been looking at things recently. I've not had the energy, the time, to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of how things should be fitting together. There's been a constant focus on the short term, the next task, the need to keep one foot stepping ahead of the other on the treadmill, heedless of whether I'm walking in circles [1].

This is fair enough when trying to deal with the multitude of little problems that constitute the things I have to sort out - the issues that I'm trying to deal with. However, I've caught myself in several phone calls / email correspondences / etc monofocusing on the specific problem I'm trying to deal with rather than considering even the broader subset of discussions I feel I should be having, let alone considering the overall relationship with that person. They deserve better. I should try to improve.

[1] Treadmills and walking in circles are admittedly tautologous. I'm not sure whether that's a problem with, or improves the analogy.
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