Angoel (angoel) wrote,

I have now returned from a pleasant week in France. A week in which my main activity, certainly as evidenced by the photos that were taken of me doing that, was to sleep. To follow the flow of what everyone else was doing. To lose several times at croquet. To play on the Wii and the DS. To ignore the useful stuff that I had packed in case I felt inspired in favour of letting life wash over me. To go on walks and cycle rides and visit chateus and museums. To discuss, but mainly to let discussion flow past.

It was nice. Even if I suspect that a lot of the sleepyness was a symptom of a bug going round the group. And that despite the break being almost pure relaxation, I could do with about another fortnight of doing similarly little.

Back now. Doing the piles of washing and sorting through the email backlog. Wondering what to do with the next few months given that my planning had only gone up to about last week.
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