Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Today suffered from the minor disappointment of my sister putting off the walk that was planned (although it was replaced with lake-swimming tomorrow, which should be fun). However, it was somewhat more productive, with sorting out of kitchen, baking of cake, writing of emails, returning of borrowed items, construction of computer programs, and sorting of paperwork. And I ate the left over roast for lunch, and had tuna steak with couscous and pepper mix type thing and a glass of lime cordial for dinner. And am now feeling generally contented.

Oh, yes. I *did* do something else productive yesterday - converting my script into a form that wasn't a load of random papers forced together. Now all I have to do is learn the lines and I'll be set. ;)

ETA: Albeit baking of cake at the wrong temperature so that it was somewhat blackened when removed from the oven. Oops. Oh, well - it wasn't as if anyone else was going to see it anyway.
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