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Today has been characterised by extreme lethargy, including only getting out of bed at noon, only having one meal during the course of the day (a roast - I stuck the stuff in the oven, ignored it for two hours and then ate it), and the only worthwhile activity being the playing of a computer game. And even that's only 'worthwhile' in so far as meaning my addiction will be sated by the game's completion sooner rather than later.

Ah, Psychonauts. A game I was recommended, but unable to play due to lack of the correct console, which magically appeared on Steam last week when I was looking for distractions from disappointment and has eaten swathes of my life since. A beautifully crafted gem of a game, from the compelling plotting to the madly inventive level design to the well judged difficulty of the item searches strewn across it's tactile landscape.

For those of you who have not been caught by it's charms, Psychonauts is a platform game staring a boy called Rasputin and his adventures at a summer camp dedicated to training mentally advantaged children in levitation, telekinesis, and most importantly, in the art of entering other people's minds to sort out their problems. The mental landscapes entered depend on the person being explored and are represented by such extremes as an Esheresque suburban neighborhood, a stage play acting out scenes in a person's life, a cube which spews out mini-levels when you hit certain targets and (my favourite) a city of tiny people which you are rampaging through.

As I write this, I have one level to complete, and have collected everything I'm able to collect with the exception of 20 figments. I'm currently fighting the urge to work out where these are prior to completing the game. This, however, should probably be a job for another day...
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