Angoel (angoel) wrote,

It depends on what you are trying to achieve

I have been reading a number of threads regarding feminism recently. These seem good at generating heated discussion. I think that one of the reasons that this occurs is because there is a fundamental confusion about what the aim of the threads are, namely, the conflict between:

* Providing support for those being oppressed by sexist behavior.
* Engage with others to raise awareness of the problem and thus resolve it.

The feminism threads seem to be primarily the former, while my experience of LJ threads covering all subjects suggest that the expectation in the majority of such threads have the latter as an aim. This creates a clash of cultures when people not versed in the morays of the feminism thread start reading them and believe that anything apart from sympathetic agreement is desired.

Personally, I think that this approach puts of a lot of people sympathetic to the cause. I, for example, would be interested in exploring what I could do to improve myself in this regards (in most regards, to be honest), but I don’t feel that I can do that because I am unable to engage in any sensible dialogue without being jumped upon as part of the patriarchy. So stay away, and just muddle along as seems best.

Does this ring true, or have I just misinterpreted what I've been seeing? What should I be doing?
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