Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Building Swamp Castle

There is a scene in Monty Python in which the building of Swamp Castle is described. Repeated efforts to build something on unsuitable ground, each attempt followed by the structure collapsing and sinking into the swamp.

I've been attempting to organise a Wilde readthrough on the afternoon of 17 May, and the analogy is striking. In hubris, events I attended having had on the high number for their scripts, I tried to invite attendees matching the required numbers, only to suffer, through miscommunications and unavoidable conflicts, people dropping like proverbial flies.

So here I stand, a scant couple of weeks before the event, where people should long have been cast and have scripts and look round the rubble, the broken dreams, of my event. And wonder if I have the strength to rebuild in time, to recruit new actors to my cause. Whether to defer to another time and place (although I cannot see why that wouldn't suffer the same fate). Whether to change the readthrough to handle the fewer participants (ultimately resulting in my sitting on my own reading the script?). Or accepting that I lack the directorial spark to make readthroughs a sufficient interest to others, and sticking with things I know to be safe.

ETA: Removed useless poll :(
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