Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Matters started sanely enough. I had received a parcel containing speakers for my computer. It was relatively chunky, but could be snuggly nestled upon the cross-bar for my bicycle allowing me to cycle home with it unimpeded.

An upgraded printer (my previous printer having the delusion that I wanted pink horizontal stripes on every printout) arrived a few weeks later. This was in a larger box. This was somewhat more precarious to balance, and interfered slightly with my ability to cycle. I justified it on the basis that the printer was relatively cheap, and it wouldn’t be disastrous even if I did run into difficulties. I arrived home safely.

Finally, I decided that my computer really needed a new monitor. This arrived in an even larger box. With this teetering on my crossbar, I was forced to cycle with legs splayed in order to give them sufficient freedom of movement. Moreover, I was unable to grasp both handlebars and be able to look over the top of the box, so ended up cycling one-handed (conveniently giving me a free hand to steady the wobbling box). Half way through the journey home, it started to rain...

I’m currently considering ordering a giant beanbag. I really should rethink my carrying-home strategy before I go ahead with it. ;)
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