Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Oblique Difficulties

Last year, work upgraded the computers to faster machines with pivotable LCD displays. Now in theory, pivoting the display is better because most of the tasks that one does - viewing and creating documents, viewing PDFs and webpages, to some extent spreadsheet work - reward vertical space more than they do horizontal space, at least when one's got a certain initial horizontal sufficiency.

Somewhat to my surprise, on testing it and getting over my non-compis-mentis about how odd it looked, pivoting the display also seems to be better in practice. So much so that I've switched to it on a permanent basis, and make occasional attempts to evangelize at the heathen masses sitting around me who steadfastly refuse to follow the path of enlightenment.

At home, I have a chunky 19' CRT monitor which was very good at the point that I bought it - which was the best part of a decade ago - but is now showing it's age and an occasionally wobbly set of colours. I have been thinking about upgrading it to a svelte LCD monitor, and with my newfound wisdom, wish this to be pivotable.

Sadly, satisfying by desire seems to be ... non-trivial (read well-nigh-impossible). The manufacturers of monitors seem to have classified the ability to pivot as a 'professional' rather than a 'consumer' feature. I have no objection to that - I have no particular desire for the 'consumer' features allowing the monitor to act as a web-cam, a pair of speakers and a cup-holder. I'm perfectly happy buying a monitor which just monits.

However, most locations selling monitors seem to have the (probably correct) belief that they are selling to consumers. And refuse, therefore, to stock the 'professional' level monitor, or keep them in a status of out-of-stockness, or pretend to have them in stock until such a point as you order one at which point they'll tell you it's on back-order.

My quest continues...
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