Angoel (angoel) wrote,

My life in the past few weeks has involved a number of occasions on which I've cooked for others. This has been fun and has the general advantage that I get to eat the leftovers on subsequent days. As I'm doing now ;).

In general, it's been good; the experimental dishes have worked well, but not so well that there aren't improvements that could be made [1][2][3], and that's generally what you want. Enough direction that you can see the path ahead, and certainly not feeling that all the mountains in the world have been climbed.

I really do need to get some better way of sorting out the washing up, though. *Glowers at washing up*. Does anyone want to be cooked for in exchange for help with cleaning up afterwards?

[1] cooking cottage pie, etc in the Remoska needs to have some time grilling the top to make the potato bit crispy (although lasagne would probably work very nicely due to crispy bits being non-ideal; must try)

[2] the goats cheese and red onion tartlets are nice enough that the main problem is that they're tartlets; I should try some other means of base, possibly cheese-on-toast sort of thing. Some sort of thin oaty bread would be nice. And probably considerably less faff than the pastry.

[3] ETA: Lest people think that I consider all my cooking great, the mango and mint muffins, while alliterative, were notably diminished by the mint used in their creation. Now I need to find some way of using the remaining mint. Strawberries and cucumbers have been suggested, but I suspect Elise was merely pining for Pimms at the time.
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