Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Pervasive games was fun, though again I was wrest from it too early through the indignities of the last train to Windsor. The theme was notionally listening, pretented to be circus in order to please Shunt (where the event was held), but in my case turned out to be food, since my successes in two of the games resulted me being given pie and an excess of cake, most of which was consumed by interested bystanders (as I suspect was intended).

Of the games in the evening, the most interesting was probably the cake game, although I think I ended up taking it a little too seriously when I should really have been interacting with the other people there. I just couldn't find the last two clues ;) and the knowledge gnawed away at me. I suspect the game would have been improved slightly by it not being made clear exactly how many clues there were, so people could stop, satisfied that they had found the clues even if they hadn't got them all and/or had the knowledge there could be more to find even if they had completed the matter.

Of the other games, Hola-lulu was fun, but too short given the amount of time taken to set the game up and get back afterwards. Thoughtcrime provided interesting interaction, but suffered technological difficulties (and I recognised slightly too many of the actors within it, which meant that I had to consciously not-cheat which always confuses issues). I suspect that Thoughtcrime would work perfectly acceptably with MP3 players provided that the area of interaction was suitable - the proximity effect seemed like a bit more trouble than it was worth. And Freemasons seemed like fun plastered over horribly flawed rules.

I look forward to the next time. And am tempted to try to run something. We will see...
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