Angoel (angoel) wrote,

A week ago, I went on work social involving whizzing round a dimiutive track with overpowered go-carts. It was great fun, I ended up coming fifth out of the 25-odd attendees, which was pleasing. On the minus side, I smashed my brain up.

More specifically, I smashed the screen of the inorganic bit of my brain that sits in my pocket and tells me the time, shows me books, reminds me what I'm planning, on which I organise my thoughts and while away idle moments. A small, prosthetic part of me in the absence of which I have felt lost.

On the eve of the breakage, I ordered a replacement and yesterday, it finally arrived. The drought in which I've had to try to organise my thoughts on unresponsive, loss-prone, imprecise paper is over, a part of me which was gone has now returned and I feel strangely complete again.
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