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My parents have been visiting over the last couple of days, which was nice. I took them to formal hall yesterday, and punting today, both of which they enjoyed even if they weren't particularly competent at punting [says the pot...]. Personally, I was pretty impressed by formal hall. If I'd known they gave out free wine, I'd have been there a lot more. Rather than, say, the once I've been to graduate formal hall this year.

I also went to see a play that a friend was putting on today. It was called 'Frontiers' and it wasn't that bad. If you want to hear a critique then read more. Well, my main gripe with the play was that it suffered from a lack of focus. Since it was a musical, it was clear that everyone would live happily ever after. The trouble was that it also became obvious exactly how everyone would live happily ever after, and the end of the play just became everyone going through the motions, while the obvious plot device trundled on and then rescued everyone at the end. There was a really well written bit in the middle in which the evil space bimbo seduced one of the members of the crew, which really could have helped if it had moved into the main plotline ... well, in the end, it just didn't seem to know where it was going. The second main problem was that there weren't any good tunes. Well, there might have been, but they were drowned out (along with the lyrics) in a sea of guitar chords and general musical noise. It might work as vaguely incidental music, but musicals really need tunes that you'll end up humming as you leave the theatre, and this really didn't have any. Its a shame really, because the musical that pretty much the same group of people put together last year was one hell of a lot better, possibly because everything was just that bit simpler.

Finally, I'm beginning to understand Quantum Information Theory. Even if every time I see QuIT on my folder I am tempted to do just that. Don't you feel happy for me. I knew you would.
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