Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Last night, rather than my usual board-games evening, I went to a pervasive games evening in the Shunt Lounge, and ended up playing a couple of rounds apiece of Texas Hold Me and The Gossip Game.

Texas Hold Me was having it's first playtest; I think that even if I hadn't been told this I'd have guessed - an interesting core idea but uncertainty about what the key features of the game should be and how to structure the rules to produce a streamlined game experience. I'm not convinced by how central the lying aspect that the designers seem to think is key actually is - I think that the game would have interesting enough social dynamics without it, and getting rid of the requirement would free up complexity to use elsewhere in the design. But it's not my baby and even as was, was good fun. Plus I won it one of the times, which always helps my opinion of games ;).

The Gossip Game on the other hand was more polished, and had clearly been tested a bit. I did better at it than I would have expected, both times surviving the cull of players and, in the second game succeeding in ousting my childhood enemy and having my secret lover win the game overall. I suspect I'd have done even better in the second game if I hadn't chosen to play my character (the little old lady) by speaking in a squeeky high pitched voice about how much better the world was in the old days and acting out imagined slights and flirts with the other players rather than devoting myself fully to the serious business of spreading and collecting gossip. Sadly I couldn't join the post-mortum of that session because otherwise I'd miss the last train and strand myself in London. But altogether good fun and whilst participating the time flew.
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