Angoel (angoel) wrote,

I still keep wondering about the 'friends' dynamic on LiveJournal. You add people on, and then they feel that they should reciprocate. Likewise, people worry about taking people off their friends list (assuming both are on each others list) for fear that they would be offending the other person. All without (in many cases) knowing the person on the other end at all. I suppose that there's some sort of explaination involving altrusism in a closed communtity (which I suppose LiveJournal is) - you know, the type of thing that biologists come up with in which they explain that love and friendship and all of human behaviour occurs because it gives a 1% better chance of reproductive success. I prefer to think of it as people's tendancy to be nice (or just curious about who's reading your journal). And for all I know, both could be correct.
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