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I really wonder whether people read this thing, and if so why. For those poor sods, my life continues in its mudane little vein. Today I printed out about 1000 sheets worth of notes, constituting 5 of the 19 units of work that I have to learn for my exam. Fortunately, these are nice, wordy pages unlike 'Probabilistic Combinatorics', which takes me about a day per page to understand. (Literally. I'm getting a bit worried about whether I'll be able to revise it in time for the exams. Especially at the rate of not-work that I'm currently doing.) Apart from that, the day's been a complete wash-out. I really need to get myself into gear and start working. So here I am, typing at LJ instead...

On the other hand, at least I actually did something that I've been promising myself I'd do for ages - get some execise. I went jogging this morning. Not very far, it must be said, merely to the college and back, but that was far enough. And I got permission to stay on until the 16th July, too, which is useful because a friend of mine's having their wedding on the 14th, so I don't have to worry about hotels and so on (just about rent - hooray).

I really have to get myself into order, though. I think that I'll dedicate tomorrow to getting a sensible revision plan, then the weekend to oodling about and getting relaxed and organised, and then start properly on Monday. And I'll ignore how often I've said that so far.
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