Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Black and White

Yesterday evening was good. I went to games in London as is usual, and ended up playing 'Im Jahr Des Drachens' ('In the Year of the Dragon') - a game that I recently received - with some of my favourite club-goers. It was .. many words describe it .. brutal .. superb .. integrated .. viscious. The game is about your attempt to build up palaces during the course of a year taking twelve game turns, which I'll call months. At the end of each month, disasters occur, threatening to take out some of your hard-won retainers unless you have built up sufficient resources of the appropriate type to stave off the problem. You end up with the feeling of riding the crest of a catastrophe curve as you try to balance base survival with the imperatives of building up your region to give you the victory. Very little luck, elegant interactions, and the choices you make influence the entire rest of the game. What's not to like.

Also gladly played was a friends prototype. The suggestions that I'd made seemed to have changed the game for the better, which was pleasing. It's starting to resemble a playable game. Still somewhat further to go, though. What was less good was that I got sufficiently caught up in playing the two games that I did, and as a result I missed the last train back to Windsor. Still, staying overnight at the parents didn't do me any harm, they were ameanable to taking me to work in the morning, and I got to have a nice chat en-route. So that was kind of good, too.
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