Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Three pounds doesn't go far these days. It buys you a half a paperback novel, a return ticket from Windsor to Staines, a small bowl of chips in a pub. So I'm not sure why I was expecting anything particularly special from the three pounds I'd spent on a Geo Phyzz (bath bomb from Lush, see previous posts).

Whether my expectations were too high or not, they were disappointed. I'll admit that when it was dropped in the bath it fizzed ... I'm sorry, I mean phyzzed. I won't deny that it made my bathwater change colour - a dirty minty-green colour. It even made my bath smell a little earthy. But, while it was pleasant to lie in some differently dirty water, smelling a slightly different smell, I'm not sure that really added much to the standard pleasure of a hot bath.

I lay in the bath for a bit, then the water got cold, and I got out again. The remains of the Geo Phyzz were washed away down the plughole. Three pounds really doesn't go far.
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