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I am celebrating the end of my twenty-first year and the start of my twenty-second. Well, I say celebrating - I actually went out for a curry, got a little drunk, and played Apples to Apples a bit. So less celebrating and more normality, if rearranged somewhat. One of the things that was rearranged were a couple of friends who came up for the weekend, although they spent most of it busily orgranising their wedding, which was pretty cool. Amongst other things they brought me a pair of really sweet lightbulb-shaped salt- and pepper-pots which I'm dead impressed with. They stand on their heads, and you pour salt or pepper out of the screw in bit. Although I suspect the hole's too small for pepper. And I got a snake with a rattle in its tail.

Other than that, this years been pretty poor on the presents front. Either I'm getting old, or the fact that I've given no suggestions, and indeed haven't a clue where to put the stuff that people usually give me has sunk in. One of the downsides of having everything one really needs or wants, I suppose. One thing I am considering is going on some sort of work camp thing over the summer, which I suspect my parents would contribute to for the dual-fold use of getting me out of the house over summer, and having something they can claim is a present.

Anyway, I'd better not post too much more until I've sobered up a bit from last night. I suspect this is somewhat long and rambly already...
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