Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Yesterday I went to see a play entitled (IIRC) Course Acting, the Revenge. It comprised four playlets illustrating the foibles of amateur dramatics.

The second half comprised a Russian play in which nothing much happened and a passionate French play. These were competent and had their moments - the endings in which characters acted against characters out of position worked effectively, but they did not particularly sparkle, possibly due to unfamiliarity with the source material. This handicap did not apply to the plays in the first half - a farce and a Shakespearian act. The farce suffered a little to my mind that the 'accidental' pratfalls within it were a little too deliberate - but that said, farces require a certain suspension of disbelief, and when viewed though those eyes, everything fit together and worked. The highlight for me, however, was the Shakespeare. It had it's set up moments - an unstable throne - a when's-it-going-to-happen dislocation of toy baby's head from its body - the parade for the dead king. However, it mainly achieved it's humour through subtler means - the changing scenery - the disgust about bad-guy Wolverhampton - the herald - which meant that it could sustain and build up the situation throughout the play.

Overall, a most enjoyable evening. Recommended. Many thanks to atreic for bringing my attention to the play's existence, and accompanying me for the evening, and for strongtrousers for acting in it and hence providing tickets. And, I suppose, the cast for doing it so well.
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