Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Yesterday I learned that:

  • Keeping a glass of water next to my bed means that I have a decorative glass next to my bed - no more, no less, and that drinking lots before going to bed means that I wake up both dehydrated and needing to go to the loo. The latter did, however, mean that I was less dehydrated, which is a net positive. I shall try to drink more.

  • Ceilidhs are FUN, and those in London (though more expensive and less organised than Cambridge) are fun. I should go to more. And they should be longer and contain more dancing - I had dance left in me at the end. Not sure my legs entirely agree, but that's their problem.

  • I have stupid impulses when it's late. When you've arrived in Slough and noone seems to be interested in sharing a taxi back to Windsor, then spending the notional taxi fare on two smoothies and some welsh goats cheese on the principle that it'll provide you enough energy to walk home is not necessarily as clever as you think it is at the time.

  • I should use a different hold when swinging Kerry. The grab hands method that we fell into a couple of times meant it was a bit hard to control position and direction and stuff. (Read: we were a menace to ourselves and others. Oops.) Clearly we need practice ;).

  • Transport back home is somewhat problematic, but not entirely disastrous. I just caught the 11:48 train from Slough which was rather full. As in 'all standing, the doors had difficulty shutting' full - but it emptied out after about quarter of an hour when we started getting to non Underground stops. And the walk between Slough and Windsor is actually a pretty pleasant way to wind down. Ignoring the stop in Tescos to buy 'fuel' it took a bit under two hours which is passable on occasion.

Excellent. I learned quite a lot. It must have been good, then.
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