Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Lifting life's millstones

Games design is an amusing hobby, and something that I think I'm relatively good at. To prove this to myself, I tend to design games with a view to trying to get them published - a kind of endgame proof that others see their worth. However, getting games published is not generally fun - a roundabout of submitting games and resubmitting games when the publisher invariably doesn't want them[1].

What ends up being even more soul-destroying, however, is having a number of games hanging around which you have not managed to get published. They just float around making you feel guilty about not having got round to doing anything with them. In the last couple of weeks I've therefore made a pretty big push towards getting games submitted to publishers, with the result that I feel more on top of the matter than I have in months. This has also freed up time to think about more games designs, and so the cycle goes on.

[1] My way of thinking about the process is that you're trying to maximise the number of rejections received. This makes it clearer up front about what you're expecting to accomplish by submitting a game to a publisher.
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