Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Lifting life's millstones

A couple of months ago, I went to a chiropractor[0]. The specific choice was on the recommendation of my sister who also uses his services in persuit of running perfection. My needs were somewhat more modest - my shoulder kept siezing up when I went running for any distance, and my right knee sometimes complained.

Some people have commented that this profession is a rich man's masseur. Now, while people have complemented me on the massages I have given [1], the ones I've received have rarely caused me to feel particularly special. These, on the other hand were .. effective. The sessions (of which I had four) were not especially long, but I came out of them feeling that he had identified the things that were snarling up and dealt with the underlying problems. I walked out of them feeling straighter than I had for years. Even now, months afterwards, I feel my back is 'righter' - the twinges I get are ones that wouldn't even have been visible previously. It may be a placebo effect, but somehow I think not.

The overall cost for the four sessions was about £150. Not cheap, I'll grant you, but when I consider what it has given me, something I would spend again in a heartbeat. Recommended.

[0] And not a chiropodist as originally posted. Oops ;).
[1] Primarily my mother, admittedly, she being the only person who asks me for a massage on a regular basis.
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