Angoel (angoel) wrote,

It's my birthday today. I'm using it in a mellow fashion, sitting in my living room, idly sorting out paper-work, receiving phonecalls from well-wishers, and eating my way through half a red-current flan left over from the party last night.

Said party was fun, more fun than I had feared, since I had carefully managed to contract some contageon which left me with a deep desire to do nothing more than lie down and sleep. It was somewhat of a struggle to get the preparation done, but once I had completed, I was able to sit back and let convivial conversation whaft over me. (It felt odd not to follow up on suggestions to play games, but I don't think that my mind would have taken it). Hopefully the attendees enjoyed it also.

In other news, exams are still over, work is still busy, but life is slowly returning back to normal. Spring is here.
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