Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Typical. You put your head down to revise for month, and when you look up, spring has arrived.

By which, you can deduce that the examinations have passed. I'm not sure whether I have, but I have a good feeling about this one. [Hopefully telling people about it won't have caused me to fail ;)]. The first question was somewhat ambiguous, but question two was a pussy-cat, and question 3 was at least nicely signposted. We will see, no doubt. We will see... Only 11 and a half weeks to go until the results come out.

Since then, I have been relishing the freedom of not having anything planned, and filling my days with fun and distraction. I went to Swiggers on Wednesday for the first time in ages (and was hyper at them with post-exam sugar high. oops ;)), picniced with Sally on Thursday, popped up to London for playtesting on Friday (they people there fixed the scoring system for my dice game, the lovely people), got my stuff back from the parents, played in the magic prerelease, and now I'm sitting in the spring sunshine with no plans (well, I need to get my flat back into order and sort out the paperwork I've been neglecting), and a free day stretching out in front of me.

I predict I'll be bored out of my skull in short order. That's OK. Everyone needs a bit of boredom ;).
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