Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Through a mixture of skill, somewhat generous setup, and outragous good fortune, Sauron has been defeated, without a single hobbit of the six hobbits falling to corruption. Praise them with great praise.

The somewhat generous setup came about in that we had three players playing six hobbits, with the associated additional information and flexibity that this afforded, and because the bonus hobbit, Bilbo had the interesting but somewhat overpowered ability of "Travelling and friendship count double, dice corruption is increased by one", which meant that the hard trek across Mordor became somewhat a skip and a jump. In post-game analysis, the suggestion of "Single travelling and friendship cards count as double cards, single corruption counts as double corruption" was mooted, which still feels interesting and thematic. It should probably be tested with actual six players and without the good fortune that meant that rolled dice invariably provided 'soft' results, and events tiles providing the events we wanted and few more.

Many thanks to mirabehn and mostly_a_cat for inviting me round. While this post has chosen to concentrate on a singular aspect of the evening, this does not gainsay my enjoyment of and appreciation for the entirity. Praise them also.
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