Angoel (angoel) wrote,

On the Underground

One item of Livejournal posting that I've been putting off for ... ooh, about four months now is the fact that I've had my first board game published. Such a monumental achievement seemed to deserve a monumental post, formatted with flashing lights, loving descriptions from adoring fans, accounts of how it lept onto the gaming scene, semi-naked ladies pealing grapes and feeding the thronging multitudes. And so, as is the manner of these people faced with unsurmountable tasks, I procrastinated and nothing ever got done.

In the mean time, I suspect that most of my friends list, through one means or other, has probably found out about it, which makes this post somewhat redundant. Still, I suppose some of you haven't. If you're one of them, this multimediated fantasia of a post is for you:

I've published a game called On the Underground. It's got a website at Enjoy.
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