Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Last new years resolution was to update LJ more often. Again. And again, it didn't really go hugely successfully. Some fiends have mentioned blocking, and that might have been part of the cause. I don't think I'll do another such resolution this year, though.

Running went somewhat more successfully, but ... somewhat went downhill at the end. After I hit 100 days not-gone-running-prior-to-breakfast, I kind of ... stopped running. Result, 141 days missed - not too bad, all told, but nowhere near the 32 misses I was over-optimistically aiming for. I didn't take sufficient account of the difficulties of going running when visiting far flung locations, being ill, hosting people, etc. This resolution I'm inclined to repeat, this time saying that for each time I've missed running due to being lazy, I'll make it up by running twice in not-before-breakfast type style. Here's to the new resolutions.

[As an aside, I went running this morning. It was glorious; running into the full moon, then turning back and running into the dawn. [I say running - I mean plodding >:) ]]
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