Angoel (angoel) wrote,

On the Ice

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of Sally visiting me. We went ice-skating.

Normally ... I say normally - I'm not sure I've ever gone ice-skating enough to consider it normal ... normally, ice skating an OK thing to do. You get onto the ice, cycle round the rink a couple of times, complete a couple of self-chosen tasks (the first one being not falling over), and leave it until next year.

This time it was glorious. Catching hands and chasing through the rink, spinning round the other people and one another, being pushed backwards trusting the other knows what they're doing; doing the things that you watch other people do, and somehow finding that somehow they seemed to work out, and when they didn't there was someone to pull dow.. erm, I mean catch you. And the feeling of being able to continue onwards and onwards .. although in practice, after a wonderful, sparkling hour our session was up and we hand to leave, and this morning, back in real life, my legs are grumbling about the unaccustomed exertions.

In the back of my mind, though, I'm still flying forwards.
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