Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Well, atreic couldn't make Trowbridge, but I tootled off there anyway. I didn't get to see an amazing amount of festival (on the Thursday and Friday, festival proper only takes place from 8ish, it seems, and I went there for most of Thursday and Friday morning, so only really got the Thursday evening). However, I got to have a couple of nice walks (from Trowbridge to the festival site and back), finish a couple of books I've been meaning to read, draw a couple of pictures, test out my new tent (tents only costing 30 quid?!? It just feels wrong), eat strange foodstuffs (Yay! Candyfloss!) and generally chill. My drawing career was made special by a couple of kids who turned up and expressed wonder at the things I was drawing. The music on the other hand, when it turned up, was as expected - pleasant, but didn't set my world on fire. So I listened a bit and then went back to my tent.

Friday, I headed back, paper-shuffled things I needed to get done, and was joined in the evening by R for games design. I, by this stage, was a bit to tired, which was a shame. Never mind.

Saturday, atreic turned up, having successfully followed my getting-to-my-house instructions. She was duely shown around the house, fed, and then we took advantage of the car to drive (with a couple of diversions) to Virginia Waters. The weather was (to my mind) ideal for walking, given the weather that we'd been having recently - broadly dripping with rain. Rather than being frazzled, this gave the surroundings a pleasent coolness, and allowed a sensible walk rather than diving for shade at all possible oppotunities. I suspect atreic may have preferred the sun, but to me, it made the walk feel magical. An amusing prop, consisting of a badminton racquet with a missing handle was discovered; a use for this was not, however, found.

Thereafter, we diverted back home and went, with the addition of Emperor and Darren (although I may be misremembering his name) to see Tom Jones; a play put on by a cast including some friends of my companions. This was a fine play, which despite the aircraft attempting to drown out then words was largely comprehensible, comprehensive, and well acted. Fun; especially as I haven't seen a theatre played properly for ages. The internal critic in me does keep wondering what a gender reversal version of that play would be like. Somewhat surreal, methinks. My companions disappeared off to the cast meal, and I disappeared off home, to write this entry, play a couple of games of TA, and then go to bed.
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