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On with the wedding (13)

The next weekend was the M&S wedding, of which much has been blogged about, but I don't fear redundancy, so I'll continue to do so. The service was enjoyable, and the pair seemed to enjoy it, although it was hard to tell because they were very small (or possibly far away - it's the same thing, really). Thereafter, we spilt outside for a reception which was great fun, being full of people that I haven't encountered non-virtually for ages. Admittedly, since I fell into my default interaction method for big groups, which was to hang about at the fringes of conversations and to listen to what people say, I'm not sure to what extent I actually interacted with them at the reception, but that's a different question. In and between these throngs of people, Matthew and Sally were doing the traditional dance of trying to meet everyone invited for at least a little, and seemed on the whole to be achieving this remarkably successful.

Then some people filed off to be fed, and after helping to put the sound stuff scattered round the chapel, a group of us filed off for an alternative dinner plan in the cafe bit (I'm not sure I can call it a restaurant) above Gardies. Here I met Benedict for the first time, who's a wonderfully grave little chap. I confess that I fell into the guise of the deliberately misunderstanding adult a little to easily, but it was easily worthwhile for the explaination of why you had to have a car and couldn't stick with a bicycle in the Sims, namely "they're Americans".

Thence onto the Ceilidh, which was great fun, not least because there were a goodly number of people that I knew, and because there were enough people there who wanted to dance that partners were always easy to find (although this might have been partly because there was a sufficiency of people I knew). And the people I danced with were universally pretty, good dancers or fun to be with, and a lot were all three. *bounce*. I really should have another attempt to find a regular Ceilidh like thing to go to. Anyone here know of one near to Windsor?
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