Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Birthday Bashing (12)

Ooh. Long time, no update. Well, I suppose I'm at a loose end, so I should remedy that...

The weekend of April 29th saw my birthday, and thus me inviting people round for a small party. Particularly small in this case, because I neglected to invite people until about a couple of weekends before, so several of them had other plans, but nonetheless a most enjoyable celebration. Particularly since the small size meant that I could actually cook properly for them rather than falling back to my general party standby of pizza (It's a good idea, as you can tune ingredients for people on the fly, and having a bread-machine to make the dough means that it's not particularly hard to do). So I did, and took the oppotunity to investigate cooking with pastry, which I've avoided doing so far. And it generally worked. I must try again at some point, possibly with real pastry rather than the 'buy shop-made puff pastry' method.
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