Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Fading in and out (10)

Yay! Exams are over. Now it's time to relax.

Which today, I have done, by updating my webpage. No longer does it harken back to 2001 when I first set it up. It is new ... dynamic ... exciting ...

Well, not really. All I've done is to update the front page to actually give people an idea what the various links are linking to, and to remove elements with my address on it. In the five years that I've had the web-page, noone has taken advantage of knowing what my address was to, say, write to me, so it seems sligthly superfluous, and not a little attention seeking.

This was all vaguely prompted by a phone call from a recruitment agency, who let me know that they had found my CV on the web, and wanted to let me know about this, and warn me that someone less scrupulous than them might also be able to find it. Now, despite some thought, I find it hard to work out what someone less scrupulous than them could actually do with said CV. They might maliciously send it to companies who'll offer me a job, maybe? They might surrupticiously call me up for interview? I suppose that my name and birth date could be used for identity fraud, but it seems hard to see how far anyone could get. Still, it did highlight the fact that my CV was out of date, so I've temporarily removed the link to it while I consider how I want to update it.

Updating my website rather brings home that fact that I haven't done anything overly interesting apart from games designing since I've left Cambridge. [Well, I've experienced interesting things, but not done anything noticably creative]. I really should work out how to fix this. With any luck exams are over for good now, which will help - having to keep dropping everything to revise is not conducive to big creative things.

But what to do. Which worlds to conquer...
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