Angoel (angoel) wrote,

The future (7)

Well, I was ill. And now I'm better, and as usual finding it hard to remember what was so bad about being ill.

This illness has had concequences. The first is that it's completely thrown my running resolution. I've now missed 19 days, and I somehow doubt that I'll manage to miss only 13 more in the remainder of the year. So I'll retroactively downgrade the resolution to running 300 days of the year, which gives me a much more comfortable margin of 65 days to miss. At least the weather's warmer now, which is good because the post illness me is slower and thus creates heat less well.

The second is that I'm notionally behind with my revision. This is irritating. What's more irritating is that my brain currently feels as if it's turned to mush, and I'm procrastinating like crazy about doing further revision. I should not be attempting to solve the four colour theory. I should not reading the history of the Girl Genius universe. I should not be posting to livejournal (ahem). I should be exploring the mysteries of the pensions world. Bad Angoel. No biscuit.

Speaking of biscuits, my incidental dietting plan (go running, record my weight after my run, let my subconsious deal with food intake on the basis of the weight information) seems to have worked, in that today I hit 75kg. This gives me a BMI of 24.5, which is 'Normal' rather than 'Overweight', which my 80kg was giving me previously. I hit it earlier than I expected (some point in April), for which I suppose I have my illness to thank. Thank you illness. *looks a little suspicious*. Anyway, the vague plan was to maintain this sort of weight for a month or so, and then to see if I want to go lower, so I suspect that I'll do that. Or, indeed, let my weight go up a bit during exams, in order to give my brain the extra power it needs.

I feel I should have further plans for the further future. However, my brain has not seen fit to confide in me what these might be. So I suppose I'll just have to wait until I find out.
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