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Dreams of Complicisation / dull chest pain (6)

Another thing that I don't like about this cold is the dreams that it's giving me. They're dreams in which I worry about things, attempt but fail to make things work. Relatively trivial things. For example, how my legs were arranged in bed. Except in my dream, my legs became about 100m long, and whatever position they were in, it was wrong, and they ended up knotted together, and I kept almost-waking-up in order to sort it all out. Except when I almost-did, my mind effectively said 'stop being so silly', and sent me back into the dream again. It's come to the point that I'm not convinced I want to go to sleep. It's not as if I'll get much rest out of it. Hence the relatively insane time of this post.


An irritating development of my cold is that there is now a bit of my body that hurts when I breath. It's on the left hand side, just about where the ribs stop, kind of in the middle. According to pictures of the body, I think it's somewhere around where the spleen is. I'm sure Emp will be glad ;). It's a sort of dull pain which occurs when I breath in. I phoned NHSDirect, hoping for either a "You're dying, go to hospital", or a "Stop being a hypocondriac" response. Instead, I got a "Hmm. You might want to see a GP, they're open at this hospital". Now, lacking a car, and not wishing to cycle X miles with my cold, I'd have to taxi it. And I'm not entirely sure if it's worth going, given that the GP will probably say "It'll go away - let me know if it get's worse", and because I could wait and see my own GP on Monday instead. But given they've gone to the notional effort of organising it, it feels rude not to turn up. I don't know.
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