Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Cold Comfort (5)

I am currently being plagued by a cold. Now, there are two types of colds; colds where you don't need to get stuff done, where you can sit wrapped up in blankets rereading favourite books and watching DVDs, and there are colds when you *do* need to get stuff done, and so you spend the time that you are incapacitated either doing things in a brain-dead fashion, feeling guilty about the things that you should have been doing. My cold is, irritatingly enough, the latter type. Bah.

In retrospect, the cold must have started on Wednesday morning, when I woke up really early. 'Great', I thought, and got a load of little jobs that I had been putting off for ages done. Then I went to work, and things started going wrong. The place got colder and colder, lunch hour cosisted of me cycling home, sleeping for 40 minutes and grabbing lunch. And when I got home in the evening, I was completely out of it. It took me an hour to get enough tuits to put a jacket potato into the microwave, two hours for enough tuits to finish cooking it, and then another hour to eat it. The rest of the time was spent variously turning all the possible heat sources in my house on full and sleeping.

Next day, I had got some of my tuit regenerating power back. So, to work again, this time wearing multiple layers of clothing. I hate the world getting into a state where deadlines necessitate this sort of insanity, but needs be, etc. Struggled through, making only one really obvious mistake. The subtle ones I was not sufficiently with it to spot :/. Still, got most of the deadlines dealt with.

Friday, I had a notional study day / sick day, in which, during the course of the day, my throat progressed from being sore, to having a really annoying, constant tickling cough, and I progressed from being occupied tidying my house up to being really bored. Particulary towards the evening, where I wanted to go to sleep, but the cough prevented my attempts. Grrr. Eventually, at about 1ish, I succeeded.

And today is hopefully the day I shake off the cold and get lots of studying done. Currently I have more hopes for the former than the latter, and a nasty suspiscion that I'll get neither. But here's hoping.
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