Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Brief history of life (4)

Work Weekend

Got lots of work to do at work. Spent Saturday avoiding it by doing work at home. Spent Sunday going to work and doing it. Kind of nice in a 'I don't have to work very hard. I'll just sit here and idle my way through the work' kind of way.


C and J's birthday party! Yay! Cycle down to Guilford. Took 2 1/4 hours which is about standardish. Nice cycling weather. Get there hot and sweaty. Have bath. Regain ability to use brain and speak. This is good. See Sophie. Sophie still in 'world is big and weird' stage of development. Other people turn up. Have nice conversation, games, dinner, attempt at fire (failed), antihystemines (evil furry cats), sleep. Next day raining. Brrr. Don't want to cycle home. Procrastinate about cycling home until fourish. Now have to cycle home in the rain in the dark. Do so. Kind of nice, except glasses keep getting wetted up :(. Seem to have messed my knee up cycling home. Not impressed. But still good weekend.

Sleep Weekend

Go into London on Friday to meet fellow games designers. Test games. Games variously fail to work :(. And work :). Go home to parents. Wake up late. Decide Picocon will not work. Parents say they're going to the airport to deliver spikes to my sister, who is going to fly off somewhere for a race. Go with them. See sister. Go to Pizza Express for coffee with them. Takes 20 mins to get served. Not impressed. Mint tea good, though. (take hot water, add mint leaves. Yay!). Get parents to take me to Windsor. Leave book in car :(. Spend rest of day being useless. MISS MY RUNNING WITHOUT HAVING A GOOD EXCUSE. Bad, bad, bad, bad day. Go to bed.

Wake up, go for run, do nothing, go to bed. Bad, bad day. :'(


Knees still not 100%, weird neck-hurt thing. Decide to go to IVFDF anyway. Arrive in Cambridge. Walk to school. V. weird walking round Cambridge. Middle-class bicycle gangs roam the streets, seeking targets to hurl abuse at in latin. Arrive at school, find all sleeping rooms are full, so drop bag off in baggage room to sort sleeping out later. Find food tent and have dinner. Inhale food. Change shoes. Procrastinate a bit more. Go into sports hall. Get accosted by someone wanting to dance with me. Dance fun dance which has insane partner-swapping. Fun :). Got invaded by fox drummers, who marched into the car-park to become firefoxes. Nice. But rather cold, so I escaped a wee bit before the end. I am weak! ;). Found Sally and Caleighised more. Celeigh ends. Go back to luggage room and find it has become a sleeping room. Yay! Found sleeping room. Find spot under table and go to bed. Good because under table has light protection. Bad because it requires contortionism to do stuff without making noise. Make noise. Oh, well. Sleep.

Wake up and make more noise. Oh, well. Find long line for breakfast. Wait in long line and have breakfast and lunch. Smoking. Go to beginners Irish and beginners Scottish. Am fortunate in partner choice in Irish as lady is competent and doesn't seem to mind my inexperience. Shown how to spin fast by leaving right foot in middle. Cool. Sally turns up again in Scottish, and dance with various people. Mess up last dance, but never mind. Go to 'Equal oppotunities in Calling'. Rest feet. Aaaahhh. Fun discussion, devolves into 'how to call'. Good. When heading off home, spot red blob moving across field. Decide it looks like Sally, and wait. Am right. Go me! Jump on bus and go to Ms for more games and games testing. D has a weird computer game called Psychonaughts which is utterly insane. All good. Sleep, play a bit more and go home. Nice weekend. Should do more Ceighlys. Why aren't there any in Windsor?
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