Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Life in brief (3)

Well, I haven't been very good at keeping this journal updated, have I. Bad Angoel. No biscuit. In an attempt to make up, I'm going to whizz through the last month or so in the style of a hyperactive six year old.

The Wake.

Yay! Went for dinner with S, S and S, and found the house ALL BY MYSELF (Made good guess of stop to get off bus on. Go me!). Got taught new way to chop peppers. Dinner nice stir fry thing which made rice noodles taste nice. [Note to self - learn to cook rice noodles so they don't form nasty blobs of gooo.] Lots of books. Forgot to borrow one. Still haven't learnt house name :(. Was beaten at my own game, but then won other own games. Ate lots of Cookies!! Big Cookies. Mmmmmmmmmm. Atreic says that she hasn't brought by hat and gloves :'(. Feel sad and alone. Cuddle oversized cat. Throw oversized cat out of bed and go to sleep.

Next day, sneeeek off very quietly, invade M's! Play games. Get hide-and-seek eggs. See sun off. Bye, bye sun! Go to Castle and have a pint. Go to Wake. Spend Wake variously playing silly games and eating jelly-beans out of eggs :). Brought too many small games and too few exciting must-play games :(. Must do better next year. Go to Castle mound, and wiiiiind up the sun. And wiiiind it up again. And again. Overwind it a bit. Rather worried by this overwinding. Hope that the Reeve knows what he's doing. But omnipotatent, so probably OK. Chase Atreic down and demand hat and gloves. Go on mini-quest to her house. Dum de dum dum de dum daaaa. Have Hat-and-Gloves! Yay! Atreic has joined the party. Follow Reeve. Dum de dum dum de dum daaa. Have Breakfast! Double-yay!! Confindence restored in the Reeve. Maybe sun will be OK after all.

All wonder off different ways. I go to train and sleeeeeeeeep. Then go to other train and sleeeeeeeep. Then go home and sleeeeeep. Zzzzzz.
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