Angoel (angoel) wrote,

On life (02)

I've been singularly failing to keep up the 'post more LJ' resolution, but the running resolution seems to have been going well, with no additional days missed. The distance I've been running has also been increasing a little faster than I expected it to, and has now settled down to a loop of about 4.2k, interspersed with a roughly 5.7k loop on days with more free time. So that's pretty good, really.

Apart from that, very little has occurred. The weekends have been largely stay-at-home-and-sort-my-life-out, with the exception of going for a birthday meal for my dad last weekend. This has resulted in my having largely completed the reorganisation of my flat that started before christmas, with the result that everything has a place, so it won't be as likely to get messy due to a lack of spaces to put things. Well, except for some boxes, my revision notes, and a handful of pieces of paper to file. But I have hopes that they will be overcome soon.

Little being done is probably largely to do with work, where things are relatively hectic. I'm doing a big job for P, and they're a scheme with tons of members, loads of different benefits and it's non-trivial to keep it all in your head at one time. O is constantly coming up with urgent short term jobs which must be done now which messes up any attempts at time planning. And everything else is being crammed in round the edges, so apologies to everything else. Ah, well, at least it's all currently still in the coping stages. I just hope that nothing goes wrong with P, otherwise everything could unravel rather quickly.

With games development, little has happened, but what little is interesting ... but that's a separate post.
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