Angoel (angoel) wrote,

On New Year's Resolutions (01)

I am making two new year's resolutions this year. One is quite simple - I resolve to update this thing more often. To fill it with the details of their lives that other people fill theirs with, which I find interesting to read, but due to some sort of reverse hubris don't feel is interesting enough to provide other people with.

A resolution should be more than just a vague intention, though. I've had vague intentions in the past, and not have them come to work out. Therefore, I resolve to update this once per week. I may update with things that I have done or as in this case, specific ideas, but I will update it.

Another vague intention that I've held for a bit is to lose some weight. Or, rather, because I'm not all that worried about my weight, to loose the bit of a belly that I've somehow started to develop, and that my sister occasionally teases me about. A related goal is to become a bit fitter, so that I can keep up with said sister when she goes running, or at least I can pretend to make a credible effort. The key thing that I'm lacking here is exercise. I don't own a car for many reasons, but one is to try to ensure that I have a reasonable amount of exercise in my day-to-day life. The sad truth is that my day-to-day life still doesn't provide enough opportunities. And I suspect that when I get enough exercise into my life, the rest will follow.

Therefore, my second New Year's Resolution is to go for a run before breakfast on 333 days of the year. The fact that it's before breakfast means that it can be fit into my morning routine, it's generally good for metabolism, and means that I can't keep putting it off until it's too late to do anything about it. The fact that I've got 32 off-days means that I can deal with random trips without the feeling of 'Well, I've broken the resolution now - I may as well give up'. And the fact that I haven't specified a length to go running means that I can have lazy days while still keeping going - as far as I can see, the hard thing is to get started rather than the actual running.

So far I've had seven days of it, two of which have been off-days while I was in Cambridge. Let's see how it goes...
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