Angoel (angoel) wrote,

In a previous post (nightmarishly many comments, so I'm resisting reading them), Atreic mentioned different kinds of love - brotherly, lustful, christian etc. Now, the set of three that I thought were at least vaguely cannonical were body, mind and soul.

Now I can't get the idea out of my head that there's clearly a three dimensional space of loves, and that these points mentioned must be points on the spaces somewhere. [for those more mathematically inclined, add discussion about eigenspaces and eigenvectors here]. And, moreover, there's got to be a livejournal meme in there somewhere, which plots your love with other people on this space somehow, and allows you to display the resulting graph for the world to see.

So I'm braindumping the idea into this post in the hope that it will go away.
Tags: meme
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