Angoel (angoel) wrote,

I never fail to be amazed by just how good Age of Steam is. Todays game was a case in point - an inconvinient initial cube set up on the south-east of england map resulted in brilliantly nail-biting game, in which I and most of the other players were staving off bankruptcy all the time. Dochan won the game through dint of blinking first, giving up his holdings in the north, and going for the uncontested southern areas, but between the remaining three, the competition never let up, resulting in me grabbing second by 2/3 of a point above Richard, who in turn beat Paul by 1/3 of a point. Gripping stuff.

Medici was played next. I'm never entirely sure how I play this game, but it somehow it came together for me this time, and I won, which was nice. Possibly through making sure I didn't overbid, which is the place I usually fall down (or at least, I assume it's overbidding. It's one of those games where it's player-dependant, so you really can't tell).

Finally, on to Geschenkt to close the evening. I just can't get over how simple and working that game is. I, on the other hand was working less-so, and came in third.

And that's my lot for the week, for tomorrow, revision starts in Earnest. [Or rather, looking at the time, today. I'd best be off to bed, then].
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