Angoel (angoel) wrote,

An Hourglass Figure

In the last 24 hours, I've gained an hourglass and a headache, and furthered the course of my revision not one whit. Well, maybe a whit if you include tidying my room to cause it to be revision-ready, dumping superfluous exam papers (ie those for the exams that I've passed). But not much of a whit.

But I have gained an hourglass, and that is cool, for long have I been seeking such an item. The wastelands of the interweb turn out hourglasses that were too expensive, too big and ornate (no I don't want it strewn with crystals), or simply too american. However, my grandmother discovered a perfectly servicable one in Oxfam and brought it to me. It's about three minutes fast (so a 57 minute-glass, then), and has a tendency to stop in the final few minutes due to the sides not being steep enough, but I have it and it's great.

Why do I need an hourglass? Well, appart from it being a magnificent item of apparel that no self-respecting soul should be without, it is highly useful for revision purposes. You set it off, and if you check it and it's still running, you have to continue. If, however, the hour is up, it doesn't rudely set off an alarm when you're engrossed in your work. Furthermore it has a pause function (put it on it's side), and is calming and stuff. Possibly. That's the theory at least, and fortunately it arrives just in time for me to put the theory into practice. Roll on revision. [Any moment now...]
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