Angoel (angoel) wrote,

Quick update

Quick update due to lack of time, but feeling update needed:

Worldcon - Yay! Good, although smaller than expected. Probably spoilt by Essen. Program interesting at times, though it's hard to predict what panalists are like just from their names. Company good, meals few but scrumptious. Needs more hours in day, though - planet with slower rotation?

Games - Tested Hexagonne and Gang War, and they seem to work. Nice. Games designing put on hold for exams.

Exams - Forthcoming. Need to do revision, muchus of. Should not be writing entries, but revising. Bad boy.

Pea soup - Breakfast. Surprisingly good, with bacony bits or something.

Books - 'Through Wolf's Eyes' above-par fantasy. Vague recommendation if you like that sort of thing. 'The Weapon' random miletaristic sci-fi. Derailed somewhat by author's politics shining through, and lack of plot. Supposed character-driven plot no good as can't write characters. Author's politics shining through interesting, though, as highlights flaws in said politics too. Good for quick readers. 'The Paladin' was a reread, and as good as I remembered it. Properly character driven military stuff, though style a bit odd. Mixed recommendation.

Exercise - lacking. Need to restart morning runs. WHERE IS MY ENTHUSIASM? Sister sent link to Run London. Sadly this probably mostly in London.

Right. Pea soup finished. Time to revise...
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