Angoel (angoel) wrote,

I've had an enjoyable weekend playing games in Nottingham, as part of Maycon. Highlights included taking part in my first puzzle-hunt (our team were unfortunately pretty useless, due to a lack of someone taking charge, and a rather ... fluid set of players, but there were some puzzles which were magnificent), finding a version of 18XX that dealt with a number of problems that I felt plagued other versions (1846, I believe), a fun game of Age of Steam on a new custom map as part of the SpielChamps (which my team unfortunately lost, the other players having unfortunate runs of games - at least we upheld our team name - 'To Win Just Once' - said win being the aforementioned Age of Steam game) and my second game of Brittania (I came second, with Ben coming a solid first due to a spectacularly good initial Roman invasion).

I shall now go to bed, and attempt to catch up on life.
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